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 Is it possible to make updates?
Yükseltir.Yurt Car Rental companies usually in and out of season rates for the companies that much demand for car rental discounts avoids. But it may be easier to make a discount after the end of the season. Most of the time without the need for your discount yaptırmanıza organizing campaigns have helped some of the rent a car firms.
Recommendation: take out a discount for advance reservations, make a simple.
Can I count the cars are well maintained and clean?
Companies do not believe that the most recent maintenance bill for your car you may want groomed. In general, how many miles it was built, what kind of care into the parts of vehicles has changed and so on. to add information. If you receive this by checking will be useful for you.
Are we able to book from abroad?
Book all over the world.
Recommendation: firm booking including booking details please ask to fax a document approved.
Changes you have booked the car, will you?
I reserved a car in advance may not be available at that time for any reason. But a top model, you should be interpolated into the price of the vehicle.
Recommendation: that the car will be given to you, I reserved a car, or equivalent should be a top model. If you do not have to be given to you means it is not the case.
What's required during the contract?
Coming from abroad, passport, driver's license, address and telephone information, credit card information is required. Some companies may wish to invoice for the last period was registered in your name.
Failure of the car meets the insurance company?
Mechanical failures of insurance companies meet the cars. Be sure to check when your car. In an earlier failure may hurt your head.
Rented a vehicle, how long?
Car rental companies do not in any time limitation. However, certain companies are going to rent a vehicle, please inform the early delivery. In this way, can avoid having to pay a penalty when refund your money.
Can I come abroad with my rental car?
Deviate from the country with your rental car in Turkey is not possible to rent a car firms.
I use my rental car, someone else from me?
Car of the person other than the renter gets an additional charge companies for use in general.
Recommendation: If you must rent a vehicle that will use a different driver than the driver, and additional information about the company say the contract to print. In case of an accident if the accident is the person making the additional driver and additional driver information in the absence of agreement, may not get the insurances.
Can I return the car in a city different from where you bought?
Can be delivered. But you may need to pay extra for it. Some companies do hire branch locations in exchange for a certain day is not an additional fee.
How should I rented the car's gas tank?
Try to take your car's tank full tank. But some companies, the fuel situation and return to the authors about the same amount of gasoline it somehow contract they want you to return.
Recommendation: do not get a full tank of fuel stores on your vehicle request in writing of the contract amount.
I would not be assured my credit card number?
In general, rent a car firms are credit card number as security. This is a justifiable reason for them. In Turkey, too late traffic fines plate gelebiliyor.Müşteriye fail to post the renter most of these people can not get traffic fines. To avoid these difficulties have to ask for a credit card number is bleeding. This is a justified reason according to them. But credit card number is up to you whether or not to.

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