The west coast of the Gulf of Izmir and Izmir Balcova coagulase

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The west coast of the Gulf of Izmir and Izmir Balcova coagulase, leisure and entertainment areas of the city. The thermal center is known and used since ancient times Balcova, the most important stop for health tourism in Turkey. Agamemnon thermal springs mentioned in written sources, the ancient era, unearthed in 1763 by the French Elfont Mil. The healing waters of the region now have a modern thermal facilities with chronic upper respiratory tract infections, nephritis, is good for many diseases such as rheumatism. Near the cable car leading up thermal plants, the people of Ontario 'Cable Car' hill he called it, must-see sights when you go Baldjova. Teleferik'te plenty of green spaces where there is self-catering-style restaurants. But if you want to take your material yourself, you can enjoy a picnic. Especially in the summer heat wearied of Izmir, an appropriate place to escape. The famous fish restaurants on the beach Inciralti. Organized as the Youth Center where Balçova can ride a bicycle, canoe and sea by the hands of my aunts and industrious you can eat pancakes. Here, there are also a large shopping center and cinema complex.

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