İzmir rent a car rent kemaraltı ve hisarönü oto kiralama araç kiralama Konak

Proportions and Hisaronu
Izmir rent a car rent car rental car rental kemaraltı and hisaronu
Konak Square and many other street intersecting Kemeraltı'ndaki Historic Bazaar started, the place to be well worth seeing. Closed Sundays except for the oldest inns in the market that is always moving, small and large restaurants and shops have all kinds. The most interesting part Kemeralt Hisaronu. Small restaurants, coffee shops and the shop where you can sit and watch a very pleasant environment, drinking tea! Incidentally Hisaronu, Izmir's famous bounty söğüşünü will not eat. Place on top, after winning power Söğüşçü Mustafa, his yiyebilirsiniz.Söğüşünüzü eat, browse the structures of the region's history. Tura, which is the largest mosque in Izmir start Camisi'yle Hisar. Dome in the middle of a large, three small dome of the longitudinal sides, the mosque offers the most beautiful examples of Ottoman decorative arts. Thought to have been on 1745 in İzmir Kızlarağası Inn is one of many works of art are not Ottoman. The most important stop for caravans past the inn, now the region's unique gift items, you will find handcrafted products. Sit in the courtyard of the inn, which closed on Sunday is a pleasure to drink a cup of coffee. After drinking a cup of coffee with the region's other historic structures Çakaloğlu Han, Fountain Mosque, the Mosque Başdurak Kemeraltı Chestnut Market Mosque Mosque and visit.

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