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Subject of the Crime of Criminal Traffic Agents

30/1-a this Article No. 46 642 of 06.03.2007 has been canceled due to the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Security Letter Order.

30/1-b this Article No. 46 642 of 06.03.2007 has been canceled due to the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Security Letter Order.

Safety-driven vehicles will enter the transition lane before changing 46/2b expect Ribbon

Disturb or endanger the traffic to change lanes 46/2-c

Allocated permanently to occupy the left lane going got 46/2-d

46/2-e motorcycle, car, van and bus use outside the tools, the right lane except for passing and turning to monitor our

Whomever is the red light and audible signs 47/1-b Failure to comply with traffic signs

47/1-c Traffic signs, markings and location devices Failure to comply with the matters set forth or shown in

52/1-d arm and vehicle users as a group, the openings to keep any other vehicles can enter safely

Turn right not to follow the rules of 53/1-a.

Left turn not to follow the rules of 53/1-b.

Rotating 53/1-c not follow the rules of intersections.

Rotary intersections 53/1-d not follow the rules of return.

Passing 54/1-a not follow the rules of conduct.

Switching To move to places where it is forbidden to 54/1-b

Failure to comply with the rules, while moving to 55 vehicles passed

Not follow the rules of monitoring and changing the ribbon 56/1-a

Using two-way traffic when vehicles make it difficult to pass 56/1-b and mountain roads and steep hilly roads, the more difficult transition into encounter

A tool to monitor our safe and adequate distance from the lead 56/1-c

Encounters a narrow road without traffic sign 56/1-d ease the transition to derive

Approaching street junctions and the right to pass yavaşlamamak 57/1-a Not allowing the vehicles to pass before

Traffic 57/1-b municipal police, traffic sign or not to respect the right of way at intersections without lighted traffic signal devices.

Uncontrolled intersections 57/1-c non-motorized vehicle drivers of motor vehicles, motor vehicle from the right means the right to pass on the left does not.

Light traffic devices to prevent the flow of traffic even if 57/1-d allowed to enter a situation where the junction

Unnecessarily at intersections 57/1-e stop, pause, slow down, stop the engine or vehicles to go down vehicle occurs.

On the contrary 57/1-f vehicles moving on rails at intersections without a sign not to the right of the first transition.

58 Downloads and not to follow the rules of the overlay.

59 except as necessary in the land other than residential or parking of vehicles on the road to a standstill not to comply with the rules and prohibitions.

Pause on the way to 60 vehicles is prohibited, and where to pause.

61/1-a pause where prohibited

61/1-b Park where prohibited by traffic signs to

Passageways 61/1-c on the front or

61/1-d five-meter distance in both directions within a specified fire taps

Stating that the public service passenger vehicle plates 61/1-e stops in either direction a distance of fifteen meters

61/1-f with three or more separate carriageway road vehicles on the freeway in the middle

In accordance with the rules will not hinder 61/1-g where parked vehicles

Entry and exit of vehicles determined that the rule of Transition 61/1-h signpost was undertaken within a distance of fifteen meters

Determined period of time to park and figure out 61/1-ı

61/1-m specific individuals, institutions and organizations belonging to the vehicles, the regulations specified by a sign according to the principles and parking areas separated

In addition, except as specified in the regulations on the roads pedestrian 61/1-n

Reserved parking places for disabled vehicles 61/1-o

Non-residential roads at night while watching 64/1-a/1 sufficiently illuminated when entering tunnels, and so forth, showing where the lights burn out far away

64/1-a/2 night, the roads outside settlements encounters, followed by a vehicle while the vehicle passes through a side by side and settlements until, in the opinion of the day reduces the foggy, rainy weather, nearly showing the lights burn out, and the like

64/1-a/3 tail (rear side) lights, fog lights or lights that far away or close relatives of use with

64/1-b/1 Fog lights, fog, snow and torrential rain with headlights burn out other than the weather

Return 64/1-b/2 to use lights in terms of late

64/1-b/3 encounters, put out the lights

64/1-b/4 far away from the front showing a very short period for vehicle crossing warning lights burn

To hang out and use light as a violation of the rules specified in the Regulations 64/1-b/5

64/1-b/6 only be watched with the parking lamps

Transportation of passengers to be taken over the border 65/1-a

65/1-f oversize cargo loading, cargo or vehicle on the passenger out of the bindirilmek (or a car of this Article, passengers embark on the part of the load they can write only.)

65/1-g Burden, road worthy, drop, spill, saçılacak, intercept, flow, slide, install it so that the noise

65/1-h cargo of all kinds on the road and the road will disrupt the balance of each slope, the road will be a thing to be fitted internally loaded and pointed protrusions

65/1-ı will prevent the driver's view, to disrupt the safety of the vehicle's driving and registration plates, differentiation markers, stop and turn lights, reflectors and installed so as to cover

65/1-j bicycles, motorized bicycles and motorcycles driving without complying with the rules of

66 bicycles, motorized bicycles and motorcycles driving without complying with the rules of

67 drivers, parking of vehicles exiting match, while duraklarken or park, turning left or right to comply with traffic rules and prohibitions

72 audio, music, image and communication devices in accordance with the conditions specified by the regulations and the general public without disturbing the comfort and peace kullanılanmak

73 vehicles to the detriment of the public comfort and peace to disrupt or discourteous people to use something means to throw and spill, call in drivers cruising

Yavaşlatmamak school crossings, pedestrian or vehicle 74 passes for those who want to deny the right of first pass

75 school vehicles, "STOP" sign in burning of the school vehicle drivers of other vehicle drivers durdurmamaları means "STOP" sign, or stroke by only permitted to ride during the students unnecessarily yakmamaları or incinerating

76 railway crossings, without the passage quickly to pass the appropriate state, will give light or audible signal "STOP" sign when there is a barrier gate to go not to comply, uncontrolled switch.

77/1-b vehicle carrying special signs on the way to doing the necessary assistance to blind people, not to lead, if necessary, dishonor.

Authorized or directed by an officer of arms to walk 77/1-c

Cars and vans to keep any type of 78/1-a or not using seat belts in vehicles

78/1-b motorcyclists helmets helmets and goggles title, passengers not contain the title and not use helmets

Failing to scene of accident and traffic safety 81/1-a not receive the necessary measures to

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