Cesme, Izmir Transfer, Transport and Car Rental

Cesme, Izmir Transfer, Transport and Car Rental
The town of Cesme, Izmir Province located in the west. Urla from the east, north, Karaburun, west and south, surrounded by the Aegean Sea. 5 meters above sea level. Area 260 km ². 1 town (Alacati) and there are four villages. History is one of the twelve Ionian colony.
According to the 2007 Population Census, the county's total population 27 796 is. Of this population, 17 950 percent in the city center, 9846 percent live in the towns and villages. 13 primary schools in the district, there are five secondary schools, 4532 students had been training in schools, 247 teachers are working.
Health services, a state hospital, two health centers, health stations are given by 1. These institutions, 27 doctors, four medical officers, 26 nurses and 28 midwives are on duty. Determines the economic structure of tourism in the district. The Fountain of domestic and foreign tourism centers of our country, the importance of tourism in the coming years will increase by a much more predictable. The first is known to the ancient settlement of the peninsula (Erythrai), the county is one of the spectacular historical richness.
According to Pausanias, Erythrai (Ildir), founded by Cretans. 7th BC century tyrants is managed by the city came under the sovereignty of Lydia, on 560 BC. Until resolved, under the domination of Persia by Alexander the freedom of the city. Surrounded by walls with a very beautiful stonework. Archaeological studies conducted in the city, BC 7 2nd century half of the Temple of Athena and the theater was uncovered dating.
Fountain region, 11 century, the Turkish dominance of the great Turkish admiral met with Mr. Çaka. Transition from Ottoman rule, 14 at the end of a century. Here is one of the most striking in the Cesme Fort Ottoman monuments. Castle of the works obtained in excavations conducted in and around the fountain in Fountain exhibited in the museum. In addition to the castle is a caravanserai.
The number of people living in the Ottoman Empire in 1893 census, 30 702 persons in Cesme. On this date, ie 88% of the population of Fountain Greeks consisted of 26 826 people. The ratio of the Turks 12'ydi%. Cesme's most visited historical monuments II. Used today as a museum built by Beyazit. Fortress of the fountain, the Ottoman Sultan II in 1508. By Beyazit, Governor of Aydın through Mir Haydar, son of the architect Mehmet Ahmet built. Initial construction of the castle was full sea shore. However, in later years took its present position as a result of sea-filling.
There is an air port of Cesme yet. Before you come by plane after landing at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir Urla Cesme-Alacati-Cesme highway land line can reach 80 kilometers. For this, you can request a book from the Company to transfer 7/24 0532 630 44 81 to make reservations.
Fountain Beach
The castle and the port, trade and warships protected the poor weather conditions and enemy attacks. The southern gate of the castle, has all the characteristics of Ottoman architecture. To date, very well protected from Cesme Archeology museum is located inside the castle.
Cesme Museum, Topkapi Museum in Istanbul in 1965 brought the first time opened to visitors as a museum of arms and weapons, it continued until 1984. Began to deteriorate due to excessive humidity oxidized guns in the museum hall, museums have been transferred to İzmir Archeology and narcissus. It is known to be ongoing since 1964 in organizing the exhibition hall (Erythrai) obtained from the excavations in the ancient city is exhibited.
In 1529 two-story caravanserai built by Süleyman the Magnificent, the Ottoman period, typically one of the caravanserai. A similar Kusadasi (Ox Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai), the architect of the structure, the son of Omar Ali Pabuççu'nun. "U" in the form of a large courtyard in the middle of the structure to have a plan, in the courtyard around the shops, warehouses and rooms are located. Exit staircase, first floor, this place is similar in form to the basement. The time of the guests, especially foreign tüccarlarmış caravanserai. They spend the night in a residential space, or animals, and sell it as a place to put their goods or kullanırlarmış cities. This restoration has been completed and the caravanserai today serve as a hotel.
Fountain Square
Erythrai, 27 km away from the center of Cesme is located on a beautiful bay with little islands. Archaeological remains have been founded by colonists from 3000 BC, which is also understood that the management of Erythoros. Following the establishment of a kingdom ruled the city is known for a while. 7th BC century religious and political unity that was created between the Ionian cities, "Panionion" entered into a colony, and history has been one of the twelve Ion. Need to get rid of the dominion of the Persians in Greece and Anatolia `s initiatives in cities known that from time to time. Indeed, the Greek navy, burning and unsuccessfully Erythrai Lade Sea War (BC 494), and later participated in the Attic-Delon became a member of the unity of the sea. Persia in 4th century BC, the satrap of Caria `known to have friendly relations with the rule of Mausolus. So much so that a sense of gratitude as an expression of their Erythrai'liler Mausolos `a` tan made his bronze, golden-haired statue stared across at the Agora. This convergence is due to the Persians the rule of Mausolus, King Hermias Erythrai `lilerle Atameus the great relations of action against the Persians in 345 BC, the passage is corrupt. Erythrai lost autonomy, but it gained independence in 334 BC, Alexander the Great `s city almasıyla. Christ can not be found much information about Erythrai for the next centuries. Lost its significance for the identity of the village came under the rule of Byzantium. Until the eleventh century as a bishop in Ephesus Ertyhrai due metropolitine Çaka Bey `s known to have come from the Turkish domination. To be precise, after the Turkish domination enters 1336'dan Erythrai Erythre, Rhtrai, changes of name calling in the form of Lythri this location, is known to 16th century and later became Ilderen.
Ildırı'da visible ruins is the city walls. In addition, the acropolis, the theater and during excavations on the north of the villa buildings from the Hellenistic and Roman Period, Archaic temple of Athena, built during the Byzantine period church, where the so-called Cennettepe Roman villa and mosaics, baths can be built in the late Roman-Byzantine Period . The ancient city is known to be uncovered as a result of excavation and research in military and civil structures of free visitors are visited.
Fountain typical Aegean architectural structure as well as many features, fountains and was named after the Ottoman period, it gives a different value to the architectural richness. Anonymous Cesme town center plan, these fountains designated places in 1792, Governor Sadiq Bey Fountain was built in 1885.
"Old Mosque" referred to as location, 2 miles south of Cesme town center. During the Byzantine rule, I. Çaka Kilic Arslan Emir `s father in law, seized the peninsula, from the neck in 1081 and the Oguz Turks have come to the fountain` has placed this center. Currently, the remains of a mosque and a large mezarlığıyla 11 century is an interesting example of the Turks to settle.
Golden sandy beaches spa
Length close to 2 km wide and white sandy beaches, quality accommodation facilities and thermal facilities and a popular tourist center of Cesme. In a sea of ​​boiling hot thermal waters, beaches and other beaches in the region makes a large thermal pool.
Ilıca'daki big, small, residential facilities, is able to meet the need for intensive tourist capacity. Many even have water in small hotels and guesthouses. Fountain is one of the most important features Ilica beach, beaches, and especially, about a hundred meters from the shore into the sea is not to exceed the length of the strip people. Fed by thermal sources, especially in shallow water, ultraviolet radiation on human health is much more useful scientific findings are accurate. In addition, children benefit from this beach are suitable in terms of health and safety facilities.

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