Rental Conditions


The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Daily wage for each additional hour of late delivery of 1/3 will be collected. Delays exceeding a total of 3 hours, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) included in the fee will be charged a full day.


The minimum rental period is 30 days for long term rental. Special price. For information on rental rates and conditions Izmir +90,232,464 73 Rentacar Reservation Call Center at 68 Center or call the nearest office in Izmir rent a car.


In case of receiving the return of the vehicle in another city, town, regardless of the rental period is one way fee. Reservation Center for a one-way fee schedules, or call your nearest Office to rent a car in Izmir.


International Airports serving 24 hours a day, every hour of our offices, other offices and delivery of the vehicle during working hours free of charge from the customer taking delivery of the vehicle. International Airports will be held outside of working hours, except to leave the vehicle and vehicle deliveries free of charge.


The International Air Ports serving 24 hours a day, rent a car in Izmir Airport service fee is charged for rentals of offices.


At least 22 persons over the age of 2 years with a valid driver's license holders .. rent a car, luxury cars, there is the requirement of at least dolmurmuş the age of 25 years.


The vehicle can be used by anyone else other than a tenant, but the age of a driver's license and use the rules of contractual liability or registration is possible with current ID and the appropriate drivers. Another recording was made by the driver is detected and if the accident insurance will be invalid without registration.


Check the right to use unlimited mileage vehicles, vehicle maintenance costs and insurance included. Fuel, bridge, highway fees, traffic fines and insurance, a one-way fee, delivery vehicles and pick-up fees, extra demands, such as baby seats and Value Added Tax (KDV) not included in prices.


All major credit cards accepted valid lease payment of wages. Slip a credit card as a deposit is empty. Delivery of the vehicles to the customer is done with full tank of fuel, full tank of fuel will be rolled back, the extradition is missing or empty fuel tank fuel cost difference, the addition of the service fee is requested.



Most traffic laws in Turkey, 120km on motorways. , 90km interurban roads. and the 50km şehiriçlerinde. speed allows. Follow the parking prohibition signs when parking. Apply to traffic violations and traffic fines and legal actions arising from the fault of the tenant belongs to the tenant responsibilities. Vehicle traffic fines reaching rentacar'a İzmir after being reflected and the relevant amount to the tenant in cash or by credit card (mail order) is charged with the tenant. Vehicles kept by local authorities, for whatever reason, or because of official time during the contract period will be accepted.


Age of Car Leasing Terms to rent

- Economic group for vehicles 22 years (R.Clio, Hyundai Era, VW Polo and so on.) - Medium group of 25 years for vehicles (Renault Fluence, C4, Renault Megane, Fiat Linea, VW Jetta, VW Golf, Mini Cooper, etc.). - The top group for vehicles 27 years (Mini Cooper, Vito, Carevella, Ford Mondeo, VW Passat and so on.) - Luxury group for vehicles to be 30 years of age and over. (BMW, Mercedes C180, etc.).

Deposit (Credit Card Usage)

Rental customers who have a credit card issued in their name during the rental is required. This credit card, depending on the rented vehicle group, economic group of at least $ 500 for vehicles, amounting to YTL 1,000 for middle-and upper band instruments can be blocked in a pre-authorization. (Mercedes Audi Upper Vip Bands £ 1000 a provision for two separate credit card will be blocked.)

Duration of License

- For vehicles with at least two years of the economic group - the group for vehicles with at least 3 years of Middle - Upper and luxury group to have a driving license for at least 5 years for vehicles

To search for rental during the pre-requisites for the above case of driver's license and credit card tool, you can pick your side.

Terms of price rent a car rental in Izmir

Rent a car in Izmir which is included in the price of rental services and products

All prices include the following services and products you see on the site: - Accident Insurance benefits from deductible Coverage - All prices are deductible Accident Insurance (CDW) is included. Accident insurance covers collision damage in the form of a deductible. Insurance requirements are met, as a result of the collision damage, in amounts varying according to the vehicle group, including the customer's part, he shall compensate the damage. This insurance is not in collision (parking lot, tires glass headlight) does not cover damage. - Unlimited use of kilometers (Economic, Middle, Upper, luxury groups are to-day 220 km border. Exceeded $ 2 for kilometers / miles will be charged. - KDV


The following types of insurance coverage from insurance benefits from harm will remain outside the guarantee will be invalid and will consist of:

- The exercise of another persons name written on the vehicle rental contract, - the vehicle used outside of the normal conditions of use (the use of the vehicle with a high engine temperature, poor road conditions, or walk over flat tire, the vehicle the wrong fuel fill and other similar situations), - the vehicle out of traffic rules Using (legal speed limits are exceeded, the red-light transition and other similar violations), - the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug use - a charge that carried in the vehicle to cause damage or accident, - the vehicle without the use of careless and measures (in rainy weather, road conditions Failure to adjusting the speed, safety distance of at least to follow the vehicle ahead and other similar uses), - state of the occurred at the time of an accident or theft, contact phone +90532 630 44 81 to notify the customer that will be the vehicle to leave the crash site (blocking was determined by a medical certificate except with a situation), - an accident that occurred within 24 hours of required reports to the relevant authorities (traffic and alcohol report) taken, - the original key can not be delivered if the car is stolen. - Are not delivered to the vehicle without consent, and despite the lease expired, - loads carried in the vehicle because of damage to the vehicle or on the opposite side, - rubber, glass, or damages resulting from damage to headlights in an accident insurance deductible is not included. This insurance can be purchased separately. - 3 amounts of financial compensation arising from damage to the parties, the scope of mandatory liability insurance coverage is guaranteed. Collateral for the customer is responsible for amounts beyond the limits.

Rent a car in Izmir with the exception of rental products and services Prices

- Full Accident Insurance (Top Cover CDW)

In case of accident, grant amounts vary depending on the rented car group would eliminate the responsibility of the tenant, such as due to a collision that occurred without the $ 400. 'Damages of up to (parking, a tire-cam-beam damage, etc.) without the need for the police report with the scope of the coverage the customer statement takes.

- Rubber Glass Far Insurance (LCF)

Covers risks of damage to windows and tires of the vehicle.

 Full Glass Far Insurance Exemption Amount Muafiyetsiz Tire Accident Insurance Accident Insurance Economic Group 750.00 £ 10.00 TL / day, 7.00 TL / day 15.00TL/gün Central Group £ 1.000.00 13.00 TL / day, 8.00 TL / day 19.00TL/gün 1500 Upper Group. 00 £ 20.00 TL / day 12.00 TL / day 30.00TL/gün Luxury Group £ 2.500.00 £ 30.00 / day 16.00 TL / day 42.00TL/gün

- Personal Accident Insurance (BKS)

Pays medical bills of passengers in the vehicle within the limits. Accident and medical treatment expenses per person £ 500.00, £ 10.000.00 include death and permanent disability coverage. £ 7:00 per day / days you can buy this insurance by paying. - Theft Insurance

Between the time when the insurance payments arising from the theft of the vehicle to make "reparations for loss of business" is guaranteed. £ 7:00 per day / days you can buy this insurance by paying.

- Third Party Liability Insurance

3.şahıslara vehicle within the limits set by the collateral damages under the compulsory motor insurance. This can increase the limit up to € 100,000.00 per accident. $ 10.00 per day / days you can buy this insurance by paying.

- One-Way Fees

The vehicle was leased from a different point beliritilen stations or one-way fee will be applied if desired, can be delivered. (Please ask for compliance)

0-50 miles £ 30.00 + £ 0:30 per km, 0-50 km from £ 50.00 + £ 0:30 per km (Izmir Off) 0 - 100 km £ 50.00 + £ 0:30 per km

100-500 km from £ 100.00 + £ 0:30 per km, 500-699 km from £ 150.00 + £ 0:30 per km

- Fuel

Vehicles are delivered to warehouses full of as much as possible and asked to be taken delivery of a full tank. Buying fuel difference between the level of fuel delivered by the fuel level at the time of delivery, depending on fuel prices 25% - 30% of the lessor will be requested by adding a service charge. Taken the vehicle to be delivered with the fuel level will be much more economical in terms of rent.

- Additional Driver

Pre-conditions for and hire the right to deny a license (with the exception of the front of the deposit) is a written contract, a driver without any fee. 1. £ 5 for each drive on the next drive / day is the amount of charge.

- Infant and Child Seat

Infant and child safety seat can be provided for vehicles. Will give you information in responding to specify during the booking reservation.

- Lease Contract Change Requests

Rental price and the booking confirmation is given according to the conditions originally agreed. This operational time are in a change in circumstances as may be requested if not possible (to be booked the vehicle, maintenance, etc. kilometer to arrive.) Fulfilled this demand. Amendment request was accepted, even if this situation will change, especially for the price calculation can be an additional charge or refund may be made early on turns. A change that may occur in any of the following conditions may change the terms of lease. Request for extension of the rental period, the first in overtime and the extra fee taken by phone or mail order to transfer the money collected edilirek approved. Subsequent requests for extension of the car rental rent a car in Izmir control needs to be brought to one of its offices.

- Return the date and time change (extension / early rotation) - The return station change - a change in the vehicle group - additional drivers added to the contract demand - Time Difference

Rental period is 24 hours. Each one hour per day for late delivery of an amount up to 20% of rental fee can be requested. Insurance benefits from delays in delivery of the vehicle without approval Coverage (Full or accident insurance deductible) can lead to knock out the extra hours may lead to the emergence of the difference in fee.

- Other Operational Extras

Think may need during your travel services reservation if you forward sorumlularımıza receive information about price and availability status.

- Booking Conditions

Reach us through our website or that you have confirmed bookings with the following conditions apply: If you have made the request to change conditions of reservation (taken before or after the return date, return station changes, replacing the vehicle group, additional drivers added to the contract demand), such as the demand be met, if met also be an additional charge of making the situation may arise, or a reduction of rental amount.

All prices on our site that you saw an accident insurance deductible, unlimited mileage included in the limited use of 220km. Other additional services for your needs, "Price Conditions" can learn by reading.

Booking fee all or part of the density of car rental reservations for the periods during the "mail order", "account transfer" one of the methods'' with'' pay by credit card may be requested from the web.

Pre-paid bookings, the cancellation of the existing reservations in case the vehicle will be delivered at least 72 hours before the time is $ 40, this time the remaining periods, ie less than 72 hours the vehicle can not be delivered because of failure to comply with the terms of lease is canceled or if the vehicle booked a (1 ) the daily rental fee is charged. Cancellation notices in writing to: Tel: +90 232 464 7368 declared, e-mail: addresses should be performed.

If a change occurs on the day of reservation and rental leasing phase of 25% by increasing the daily rental fee is calculated.

Charter will be signed during the lease contract.

Although there is a practice common brand and model of vehicle that match the selected reservation code can be replaced with an equivalent vehicle.

All measures were taken to karşılaşılmaması journeys with a problem in case of need, although you will be informed of a possible call the contact telephone numbers.

Following the reservation that you book certain to call or receive a message by the department. Your payment, your credit card "mail order" or "account transfer" to take delivery of the vehicle at time of reservation or pay by credit card or in cash. Cash payments to your credit card even if you rent a car group, depending on the amount of $ 500 pre-authorization may be blocked.

Rental fee by your company "to pay for billing" (Current Account) payment method, send us if you want to fill in the Current Account Agreement, the accounting department will contact the relevant contacts for your company.

Reservations made online "Terms and Conditions to rent the car," "Price Agreement" and "Site Terms" is valid if it is read and accepted by the

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