Which is the oldest districts of İzmir Alsancak

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Which is the oldest districts of İzmir Alsancak, old buildings and attracts attention. For years, Jews and Christians is seated here in the neighborhood has many churches and synagogues. Two-, three-storey houses Levantine Many of the streets that no longer closed to vehicular traffic. Taverns and bars, surrounded by houses. Especially in the summer evenings here, walk around and drink a few glasses of the street is very pleasant to sit at tables placed. A short sightseeing, you can see the historical buildings located in Alsancak. Alsancak Station built in 1858, is located opposite St. Jean Church, mentioned in the Bible, John Dom Church, Halit Ziya Boulevard, Santa Maria Church, Notre Dame de St. Holy Rosary Church, Hagia Fortini, St. Helen Catholic Church and Synagogue Shaar Ashamayan place to be seen.

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